Evander Holyfield: Shame on Boxing for Letting the Legendary HOFer fight Vitor Belfort

Evander Holyfield

Article by Rick Mohamed

Evander Holyfield, time to pack it in & enjoy retirement! Last night’s fight between Holyfield Vs Vitor Belfort could have and should have been avoided at all costs. 
Holyfield is now 58 years old, yet was approved to step back inside the square after years of being retired. He was put in a very dangerous position last night. 
Evander had been banned by the Nevada Boxing Commission some years ago because of his health conditions and  from injuries he had sustained from a very lustrous boxing career fight – one of the best of any and all fighters in the sport! Belfort came after the former Heavyweight HOF champion from the bell with a volley of fierce combinations that had Evander off balance, sending him to the canvas early in the fight. 
However, after watching the clip it did not appear that Belfort’s shots were clean and accurate. Yet they were powerful enough to compromise Holyfield’s footing, if you will. Holyfield wasn’t caught by severe clean shots, but they did their damage. 
Holyfield recovered and got back up on his feet after the 8 count. In came Belfort, bum rushing the champ again with a volley of punches that were not effective whatsoever in fact Holyfield was able to cover up and catch those shots with his gloves and rolled them off his arms before the referee felt concerned enough to step in and wave the fight off. 
Many could say, as did Evander Holyfield, that this was way too prematurely stopped. In closing, point is this fight never should have been approved to even put Holyfield in a dangerous situation at the age of 58. The shots he sustained from many mega-fights and elite oppositions are adding up. That’s how we at Brawlers Sports Media feel. How do you feel boxing fans? “SOUND OFF” LETSGOCHAMPS





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