Final Weigh-In & Face Off of Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul

Article by Rick Mohamed

The final weigh-in & face off of Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul generated much excitement & electricity. Now, the fight’s on!

Miami, FL.: The final weigh-in of Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul took place at the The Guitar Hotel at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood (that’s a mouthful).When you see it, you’ll understand the name. 
The environment was filled with electricity, as entertainers, athletes and big name boxing personalities flocked to the event. Included among the masses was: former 2-time heavyweight champion Shannon “The Cannon” Briggs (whom Brawlers Sports CEO Rick Mohamed nabbed for a short interview), former NBA player Matt Barnes, and performing onstage was hip hop legend, Miami’s own, Trick Daddy! 
Most notable among the attendees was former WBC Interim lightweight champion & contender Ryan Garcia. It’s great to see Ryan, who recently cancelled his upcoming match due to “mental health issues”. He’s young, only 22, and mental health is a very serious issue that no one should ever take lightly. He has said that he intends to return to the ring very soon.
On his Instagram, he wrote: ” I’m coming back soon. Pain made me stronger. I pray my enemies don’t go through what I’ve gone through.” 
Brawlers Sports only wishes the very best to young Mr. Garcia. Best of success, Ryan! 
First up to the weigh-in were Chad Johnson and Brian Maxwell. The notoriety of their match is primarily because of Johnson’s days in the NFL as a star Pro Bowl wide receiver with a charismatic flair. He went by the name “Ochocinco”, the Spanish translation of his jersey number, 85 (actually, the real Spanish translation for 85 is ochenta y cinco). 
After their weigh-in & face off, the 2 principals appeared. 
This weigh in really is unnecessary, because Paul outweighs Floyd by nearly 50 pounds, and there is no sanctioning body for this “special exhibition”. Just call this fight “sports entertainment”: it’s a bit like pro wrestling, but has the eventful atmosphere of a real big title fight. 
Floyd stands to make a mint off this fight, upwards of $100 million, and Paul will make a nice chunk of cash for it as well. Everyone who trashed this fight and it’s reasons has been drowned out by the murmurs of everyone who dares to watch or give attention to this spectacle. 
If Floyd wins, it’ll be what most everyone expects. He’s been boxing since he was 5, so he’s been in the ring 40 years of his life. 
Paul hasn’t lived that long, and Floyd’s been a pro almost as long as Paul’s lived: 24 years (Paul is 26). For his part, Paul wants to simply “shock the world” on June 6 in Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL LIVE on SHOWTIME PPV. 
He’s living a dream, but Floyd just might be the guy who will wake him up.



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