Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Square Off and a BRAWL Explodes!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul were apparently promoting their June 6th match, when things suddenly went left. Watch what happens in the video at :32 seconds in…


Floyd Mayweather was promoting his upcoming exhibition match vs. Youtuber Logan Paul, when the 2 squared off, started talking smack, and BOOM went the dynamite (It happens at :32 seconds in the video). The melee that ensued between Floyd’s 240 lb.+ burly bodyguards and Paul’s frail 160 lb. Youtube buds was a hot, double-scooped-with-chocolate-sprinkles mess. 
Let me ask you this: was this live, or was it just a piece of hype for this fight?
Mind you: Floyd is NOT putting his unbeaten, pristine record of 50-0 at risk. This is an exhibition that doesn’t count, regardless of who wins. 
Again: real or fake? You decide. 
ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is probably asking the question most of us are asking: “Why, Floyd?”. Floyd’s reasoning may be that he stands to make a ton of cash vs. an inexperienced overmatched, novice opponent who has absolutely no business at all in the ring with Floyd. 
Logan Paul has no wins, while Floyd has 50 wins as a professional big-time fighter. 
This reminds me of the movie ‘300’: when Sparta’s King Leonidas asks a group of warriors what was their profession, they each answered that their profession was something else, not warriors. Then he yelled” “Spartans! What is YOUR profession?” They all yelled thrice in unison, indicating that they ALL were warriors first, then everything else second. 
Floyd is the Spartan in this case. Logan Paul is not a natural warrior, regardless of who deigns to step into the ring with him. However, the money is coming in, and people seem to be interested enough to buy the pay per views for these things. 
Maybe Floyd knows something we don’t. Let’s not forget: Floyd’s middle name is “Money”. We get all this, plus Chad “The ex-football player formerly known as Ochocinco” Johnson will be fighting an unnamed opponent in an exhibition on the undercard. LETSGOCHAMP

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