[UPDATE-DAVIS VS. SANTA CRUZ ALL ACCESS] Gervonta “TANK” Davis Responds to COVID19 Question About Upcoming Fight on OCT 31 2020.

Article by Rick Mohamed

When Gervonta “Tank” Davis was asked if he was concerned about catching COVID-19 from fans at his upcoming fight on Oct 31 vs. Leo Santa Cruz due to the pandemic, Davis’ response was:

“I’m just only speaking for me as a fighter – I’m okay with getting sick to please the fans,”

“If I got sick and I find out that night, I’d be okay with it just knowing that I put on a great show. I did it in front of the fans. I did it for a cause. If I gotta take that hit, then you know I’ll quarantine by myself, and I did something great for the sport and things like that. I’m not saying I want that to happen but if that was to happen, I’m okay with taking that lick on the chin. Take that 14 days and stay healthy.”

Courtesy Yahoo Sports

 What the hell kind of answer is that?
You don’t care about your health as well as all the others that will be in attendance! Why? In my honest opinion I truly believe that a good PR person would do Davis some good so that he is coached on what needs to be said in the public opposed to what isn’t to be said in the public. It might go something like this:

“I am super-motivated and truly want to give my fans a good show! They deserve my best, and I want to give it to them!”

Courtesy this writer.

What are your thoughts on this, boxing fans? I am baffled for words. Until next time. 





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