Herring keeps WBO title on an intentional head butt that blinded his right eye after the 8th round.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring was in a much tougher fight than I’m sure he thought he would be in! This was an ugly fight, period.
Herring put Jonathan Oquendo on his ass in the 3rd round after giving himself some space between him and Oquendo. The two fighters clashed in the 5th round, causing Herring to suffer an intentional head butt.
ESPN commentators say they felt Herring threw in the towel and quit by telling the commission after 8 rounds that he could not see in his right eye. Critics will say that Herring didnt find a way to fight through it like we expect Champions to do. That being said this was not a great performance to deserve a shot on the big stage Vs Carl Frampton. You can see the disappointment in Herrings face that he knew that maybe he should have continued to fight and allow his cut man to do his job. That’s it for tonight boxing fans. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW 

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