Kell Brook & Amir Khan faced off this past Saturday night after many long years of animosity built up towards one another. khan came out from the bell sticking to game plan that former rival that stopped him in their meet Terrance ”BUD” Crawford and his trainer Brian Bomac mapped out for this fight. Khan immediately established his jab and using the ring to his advantage sticking and moving! This did not stop Brooks attack as he stayed focused and in charge all night as he walked Khan down taking the ring from him and backing him up with solid excruciating jabs and powers shots to the head with that over cross straight right hand which was fierce all night like a laser guided missle that just declared WAR. Brooks rocked Khan in the first round with a stiff snappy jab and a left hook that had Khan wobbling around the ring with spaghetti legs and barely made it through the round. This was pretty much the beat down that Brook put on Khan most of tonight. Khan was hurt in my opinion every round and Brook was not letting up on the vicious attack he set out on. the referee had seen enough punishment that Brook was dishing out on Khan and decided in round six that enough was enough as Khan was getting pummeled by Brook as he was trying to figure out how to weather this storm and escape. This was a smart move by the referee to end this contest. it was obvious going into this fight and all the harsh words that were said during press conferences and the weigh in that someone was getting KO’d. Brook & Khan both showed forgiveness and good sportsmanship afterwards. It has been rumors circulating that Khan is considering retirement as he should. Brook on the other hand appeared to be in great shape and looking to continue his quest for another title shot hunt. We would like to wish Amir Khan well should he decide to retire and best wishes to his future endeavors. Well until next time boxing fans. LETSGOCHAMPS!!