McCaskill Defeats Braekhus in Majority Decision to Become the Undisputed World Champion!


Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media congratulates Jessica McCaskill on a job well done! Chicago, standup and honor your World Champion! What a performance,

I must say, I was concerned with the fast pace that Jessica started out with. She somewhat faded in the later rounds yet still was able to maintain her composure and let her hands go, continuing to stay busy and score.

This was a tremendous ride for Jessica and I’m sure all of Chicago is going crazy right now, hinting at her victory and bringing some pretty cool hardware to the “WINDY CITY”. Her story of being homeless and not knowing where her next meal was coming from and what path her life was headed down is quite powerful. Through the grace of GOD almighty he uplifted her and dusted her off and sent her on her way.

This also shows our young boys and girls that you can be what you want to be. ‘If you work hard at it you’ll be where you wanna be’ according to the legendary rapper NAS. Hold ya head high, Champ! You defeated Braekhus and all the doubters and haters who thought you couldn’t do it. LETSGOCHAMP!


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