Article by Rick Mohamed

Boxing fans, first and foremost, there is no way Romero won that fight Saturday night! 

Marinez was in complete control, he landed the bigger power shots and had a very affective yet snappy jab the would rock Romero’s head back like the old school “ROCK’EM SOCK’EM ROBOTS TOY. Also keep in mind that Romero is a Mayweather Promotions fighter (need I say more?). 

After the country, sports and everything we love was brought to a halt due to the Pandemic COVID19, with sports and boxing ramped back up – we’re now here. We are still giving boxing a poor reputation for piss poor judging to still be allowed. 

Boxing must do better! The Commissions have to do better in their judging selection panel. This happens far too often in boxing, causing some talented young prospects and world champions as well to get screwed over by judges that don’t know jack about boxing or judging. 

Marinez controlled the entire fight so much that SHOWTIME boxing analyst and former editor for Ring Magazine Steve Farhood scored the fight 111 for Romero, and 117 for Marinez! Also keep in mind Martinez was a highly decorated amateur with 356 fights and only 6 losses. This is how fighters’ self esteem gets worn down – by terrible judges. 

However, this most definitely will not interfere with Marinez’ path to seek a World title shot not one bit. Until next time Boxing fans! LETSGOCHAMPS.

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