Terrance “BUD” Crawford Claps Back at TR CEO Bob Arum!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Terrance Crawford claps back at Top Rank CEO Bob Arum based on Arum, stating that at this point it’s a matter of does TR want to keep Crawford in board as a TR fighter due to all the money Arum contested losing on his fighting. Crawford heard Arum saying he needs to self promote like Stevenson & Lopez do for their careers and future. Bud said ‘hey if you’re feeling that I’m no longer a valuable asset to TR promotions’ banner, then you can just release me right now, end of story’. 
My boys at DAZN, AK & BARAK interviewed Bud. These words are coming from Crawford’s mouth, and he is pissed! When Crawford was asked about the Spence fight and securing his legacy by needing that fight, sparks flew! Crawford’s voice answered with conviction “I tell y’all again, I do not need Spence for my legacy!”. “Spence needs me. I do not need Spence,” he continued. 
Where does this leave Bud & TR moving forward? Boxing fans feel free to share with Brawlers Sports Media your thoughts.

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