The Junior Lightweight bout between Ruben Cevera Vs Rennard Oliver.

Article by Rick Mohamed

This fight had some issues early on from the bell with a slip by Oliver and then an accidental head butt that caused a bad cut above the brow of Cervera. Cevera saw the urgency in pressing this fight as the blood coming down into his left eye could easily have gotten bad enough this bout a no contest before completing 4 rounds in the books.
Cevera rallied with desperation to get in there and let his hands go and catch Oliver and not leave it in the hands of the judges or the referee. Cevera first hurt Oliver with a body shot, and later he caught him with a hard right hand that had Oliver out sitting in the ropes and then hit him with another left that knocked him down for the KO. 
Cevera is a gutsy fighter with descent punching power. Congrats “Team Cervera” #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW 

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