WHOAAA “Mr. Gary Russell JR accepts Devin Haney’s proposal to fight for $1.5 Mil to Russell.

Article by Rick Mohamed

DAZN has announced that this fight is a go for both fighters. Gary Russell (GRJ) states “that’s yo ass now”! 
After Leo Santa Cruz and Tank Davis had been ducking GRJ; and the LOMO rematch didn’t seem evitable. Haney, DAZN, and GRJ have agreed to clash. I’m sure we will all be informed of the details: When, Where, etc.. 
This is going to be a very intriguing matchup, might I say. Again, here is another big matchup the fans want to see! My question is who do you like? Both fighters are very quick and talented. Whose boxing IQ is higher?
 Make no mistake, GRJ is one of the best fighters on the market and has been for years. We shall see. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW 

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