WHOOOA! Wilder vs Fury Trilogy Pushed Back to Early 2021.

Wilder vs Fury

Article by Rick Mohamed

Breaking Boxing News: Bob Arum and PBC have announced that the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III fight will be delayed until early 2021 due to the capacity and magnitude that this fight carries. It would be senseless not to have the public attend, so this caliber fight must maximize its potential to break PPV(pay per view) records, ticket sales, concessions, and marketing.
The fight was originally scheduled for Dec 19 at Allegiant Stadium (new home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders) in Las Vegas, NV.
 All of these areas are vital to the success of an event like this. It’s all about the Benjamins! Think about it: they can have record breaking gate sales, plus outrageous PPV participation as well. 
Wilder states that he has had surgery on an injury that he had sustained during the rematch, (which a dominant Fury won by TKO) back in February 2020 vs Fury. He does not cite what the surgery was for, and that he has been receiving some sort of therapy for the injury. (I would assume physical therapy, if you will.) 
I get it: he wants to be at his best, at least 100% ready so that he may get his redemption, reputation, and his strap back. 
However, most of the boxing world will most likely take this as a ploy to pause this fight and delay it purposely. With all that has just happened, the recent firing of trainer, Olympian and former welterweight champion, Mark Breland
We will keep you all in the know as new results unfold, so keep ya YouTube alerts on so that you can follow this breaking news when we release it. Until next time.


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