Yordenis Ugas wins the vacant WBA Welterweight Title as he defeats Abel Ramos in a 12 round Split Decision.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Wow, boxing fans! I have no clue what fight the judges were watching to have this close enough to call it a split decision. 
Yordenis Ugas dominated the entire fight , he was the aggressor from the gate: awesome double jabs, fearless body shots and that dangerous looping right hand. One of The judges had this in favor Of Abel Ramos 9-3! 
No way this is a split decision. Ugas was like a runaway train, not like the close fight Ugas loss to Porter. Nonetheless CUBA gets their Welterweight Champion, their first in the last 45 years. Congrats “Team Ugas” AND THE NEW! #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSSHOW


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