Fei Faiva AKA Lady Tyson Gets a Draw vs Aneyla Lopez.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Fei Faiva gets her first draw tonight! This is ok. It’s where you understand the concept: styles make fights. You can’t KO everybody and get the W every time out. 
Fei didn’t hesitate getting out the gate and starting to close the ring off from her opponent. She established her jab and that infamous lateral side to side movement, too. Fei’s opponent Lopez was by far no slouch even though her record entering this fight was 1-1-0. 
Lopez saw that by her moving and utilizing the ring this slowed Fei down. Fei was unable to corner Lopez and keep her on the ropes. Lopez also established a pretty good jab herself. 
Fei caught Lopez with some great body shots and rolling underneath and springing up with that devastating left hook she’s known for. I believe the movement constantly by Lopez may have somewhat thrown Fei off from being able to corner her and do some serious damage to the body. 
The fight was very entertaining from both sides. Lopez delivered some good shots  to Fei as well. Being in the great shape she’s in also allows Fei to have the success she has had so far in the ring. 
Her cardio and conditioning was amazing. I wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch of these two ladies and see how each one will approach the other in a rematch.
 “IRON” Mike Tyson caught Team Faiva off guard with a surprise FaceTime call wishing Fei well tonight in her performance. 
I am sure her trainers will go back and assess tonight’s outcome, then make the necessary adjustments prior to her next fight. In my opinion, they need to work on tactics vs more active boxers if you will and how to close that gap. Take the ring and get that jab off more. This is all a learning curve for Fei she will just get better with time. Congratulations to “TEAM FAIVA” 




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