Fei Faiva Returns! Is "Lady Tyson's" Next 1st Rd. KO Dec 12?

Article by Rick Mohamed

“Lady Tyson” Fei Faiva returns this Saturday, Dec 12, 2020 @ 7 pm EST at Champion Boxing Gym in Jonesboro, GA. This 18-year old boxing wunderkind is one of boxing’s newest and hottest sensations! She is 4-0, with 3 straight devastating 1st. round KOs. If you watch her fights, don’t you dare BLINK, or you’ll miss the action.
Fei reminds folks of “Iron” Mike Tyson in more ways than just her devastating style. She trains at the famous Cus D’Amato’s Gym in the Catskills, NY..Tyson also trained there, and D’Amato was his trainer/father figure. Their bond was so great that even if you mention his name to Mike, he’ll still show how much he loves and misses him.
Fei enjoys the same style and tutelage, for many of the trainers who helped train Mike and others at the gym are still there today. It is uncanny when you reflect and remember that Mike’s peek-a-boo, bob-and-weave styles are the same ones Fei employs today, if you will.
She is a powerful puncher who is just as dangerous going to the body as she is going to the face. Recently, she made her opponent quit the match after Fei unleashed a thunderous crashing blow to her ribs.
If you want to see her fight LIVE, visit bpe.network. When you order the fight, remember to enter the code: FAIVA for a special discount. 
 Feifilimai “Fei” Faiva is an up and coming lady boxing starlet who is definitely on the fast track to earning a title shot if she keeps winning as she has been. Boxing notables estimate that she may even get a title shot in the next year or two.
Saturday Dec 12, 2020 at 7 pm EST, sit back, pop some popcorn, and watch Fei Faiva take on her latest opponent. My only warning to you, as always, is: DON’T YOU DARE BLINK! 

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