Stretched Out! Women’s Standout Fei Faiva Strikes Again With Another Vicious 1ST Round KO.

After my commentary, stick around to see Fei's entire match with Brittney Artis. Don't blink, or you'll miss it!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Catskills’ up and coming female prospect Fei Faiva strokes again last night in Daytona beach Florida with another devastating first round KO over her outmatched opponent, Brittney Artis. Fei came like a thief in the night and swooped down on poor Artis like an eagle. Fei ran out at the sound of the bell and start whaling body shots and head shots to her opponent’s body. 
Artis never knew or saw the license plate number of the Mack truck she ran into. 
I am here to tell you guys once again: there is a new Sheriff in town and her name is Fei Faiva. Last night she fought at 126 Lb weight class and can easily fight 130 or 135 as well. I believe Fei’s ideal fight weight will be set at 126, official unofficially. 
I can really see “Sir” Eddie Hearn and MatchRoom boxing come knocking soon to offer Fei a fight so they can see up close and personal just what a Diamond in the rough Fei truly is.
So far as a professional, she’s 4-0, with 3 straight 1st round KOs. 
Not to mention, she imitates the vicious fight style of former Heavyweight Champion of the world “Iron” Mike Tyson. Tyson also trained out of Cus D’Amato’s gym in Catskills, NY, where Mike was from (hence the nickname “Lady Tyson”). I can only imagine what the former champ thinks of the fighting style and talent that Fei possesses. 
I’m predicting right now by mid-2021 to maybe the end of 2021, Fei will have her first title shot and first title.
If you see Fei Faiva in a fight with a bear, help the bear!  
Boxing fans, what do you think of this new female phenom? Please share your thoughts, this young lady is exciting, explosive, and fun to watch. Congrats to “Team Faiva”.

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