Amateur Boxer Joseph Jo Jo Awinongya Jr. Interview

Amateur Boxer
Brawlers Sports CEO Rick Mohamed interviews Joseph Jo Jo Awinongya Jr. @ the 6th Ann. Chicago Boxing Brotherhood Gala.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Amateur boxer Joseph Jo Jo Awinongya Jr. is a young amateur boxing champion. I, Brawlers CEO Rick Mohamed, interviewed the 14-year-old future champion amateur boxer LIVE at the 6th Annual Chicago Boxing Brotherhood Gala, coordinated by former amateur boxing standout Vincent “Rock” Hudson and his colleagues. 

This young star is already taking college courses and is a very accomplished 9-time champion amateur boxing star.  

Joseph Jr. spoke about wanting to be done with his college education by the time he turns 18 (18?! Incredible!) so that he can focus on becoming a boxing world champion. Though he doesn’t want to interfere with him getting the right education, he knows he needs to be successful in the world we live in. 

Jo Jo said he is already in a Junior college in Joliet, IL. (where he resides), and that he studies both Communications and Psychology. He wants to be a physician assistant. 

I told him at this pace forget about that, be a brain surgeon or a Cardiologist, if you will (smile)! Aim high… 
He’s already on the right path for success, thanks to his dad Joseph Sr and other inspirational family members. When Brawlers Sports asked the young philanthropist what his advice would be to other  young men and women like him, what would he say? 
Jo Jo said “get with that special family member and let them show you the right path and put you on point so that you have an understanding on how to get where you want to be in life.”  Boxing legend Evander Holyfield said that when a young fighter starts early in the ring, his chances of success are all but certain. 

We always see & hear about troubled youth, but it’s a treat to sit back & listen to a very talented & promising champion who is a credit to his family, gym, sport & community! This young man was very humble and such a thrill to speak to – such knowledge at 14! 

Stay tuned for his next fight Sept 25th. in Joliet, as the mayor honors him as the Son of the City. Joseph “JOJO” Awinongya Jr., we at Brawlers Sports Media salute and wish you all the best with all your endeavors in the sport of boxing and your purpose in life in general. 

This is sure to be only one of many honors this young man is sure to receive. Salute to young Joseph, his family, trainers & handlers. Below this article is a video featuring young Jo Jo that reviews his promising boxing future. 

This young man is my hero and will be to many others moving forward, much sooner than later. I’m talking a total inspiration to life itself. Excellent job. Keep going! Until we speak again, “LETSGOCHAMP “





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