Carlos Adames Serves Alexis Salazar in Good Fashion with Left Hook Stoppage!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Carlos Adames smashes Alexis Salazar with a blast of a left hook that stopped him in his tracks and gave Adames a 3rd round TKO victory

Atlanta, GA., June 26, 2021: What a short fight this was: Carlos Adames and Alexis Salazar had a shoving match at the weigh-ins a day earlier. Salazar was heated and slapping his chest saying ‘I will win!!’. Well, not tonight he didn’t. 
Adames worked his jab and press his attack on Salazar. In response, Salazar would dip his head down and lean right into Adames punches, if you will. 
Adames would turn him and keep punching, as Salazar complained to the ref about something Adames kept doing. Salazar found himself turning away from the punches as opposed to slipping and catching, then shooting back and rolling underneath. 
These are the basic fundamentals of boxing that trainers teach us to do. In the second round, Salazar turned his back again to Adames, who let his hands go (like he’s supposed to do), dropping Salazar in the second. 
However, the ref didn’t give him a standing 8. Come the 3rd round, Adames timed Salazar with his right hand and caught Salazar with a solid powerful left hook that sent him to the canvas. 
Salazar struggled to get up, but his legs wouldn’t allow it. Once he finally got on his feet, he was so wobbly he couldn’t hold himself up. 
The ref recognized his body language and helplessness, then called the fight in the best interest of Salazar’s safety. This was a great stoppage for Adames after all the talk Salazar did at the weigh in. 
He burned through his opponent and shut him up and sat him down! Congrats to “Team Adames” for a great performance tonight. “LETSGOCHAMP”





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