Cincinnati’s Own Michael "MAN MAN" Dawson Shows Out in 2021 Amateur USA Boxing Nationals.

Article by Rick Mohamed

Michael “Man Man” Dawson performs well before losing in the 3rd round to Joshua Pagan

Michael “Man Man “ Dawson fought well in Shreveport Louisiana, site of the 2021 USA National Boxing tournament. This young man performed at the elite level that every coach hopes for in a fighter! 
Dawson’s trainer is also his father, who is his biggest fan. He couldn’t be more proud of his son, watching him excel in this tournament. 
Man Man showed up and showed out, displaying what boxing fundamentals are supposed to look like and executed when in battle. He made it to all the way to the third round of this 10-day meet, when he lost by an unanimous decision to Joshua Pagan. 
Honestly, I couldn’t see for the life of me what these judges were watching, but this fight was as close as they get. It was so close that if this was a pro bout it could have called a unanimous draw. It was a tight fight vs Joshua Pagan as both fighters fought gallantly! 
However there can only be one winner standing, so Pagan won the fight. 
Dawson understands the sport of boxing, and being the good sport and gentleman his dad has raised him to be, says this will make him much stronger moving forward. I am certain that everyone at this tournament knows who Michael “Man Man “ Dawson is. 
We all will see his arms raised in triumph for winning a world title one day as an elite professional. We at Brawlers Sports Media would like to congratulate Michael Dawson for representing himself and his home town of Cincinnati Ohio! Stand up Cincinnati, for your hero, your champion Michael “Man Man “ Dawson. LETSGOCHAMP. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW

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