Former Champ Montell Griffin Presents Young Boxing Savant Raumari "Mari" Gallion

Article by Rick Mohamed

Raumari “Mari” Gallion is trained and encouraged by former 2X light heavyweight champ Montell Griffin to be great! Can’t wait to check up on him years later…

The boxing world may have a new superstar on the horizon trained by former 2X light heavyweight champ Montell Griffin, named Raumari “Mari” Gallion. In the beginning, Mari had just turned 7, and had been boxing only 4 months. 
His dad Richard shared with me some of his latest boxing videos. Richard played college basketball Div 1, so that’s probably why Mari is so athletically inclined. 
He said he knew how serious his son was about boxing when he came home at 1am from work one night. Mari was struggling to stay up and practice on some of his boxing skills. 
He fell asleep on their couch, and as soon as he heard his dad come through the door, he jumped up and said “You ready, Dad?”. So Dad said to himself ‘if he’s this serious, it’s worth getting him in the gym’. 
So he took Mari to Chicago’s own The Windy City Boxing Gym at 2150 Canalport Ave in the basement area of the Lacuna lofts. The gym is owned by former 2X Light Heavyweight Champ of the world and 1992 Olympian, Montell “ICE” Griffin. 
Richard and Montell walked the young prince over to me. Montell said, “Rick who is this?”. I said, “You when you were that age at your father’s gym” 
Griffin answered: “Yes!”. 
Mari did all the boxing drills with the other full time students in the class, showing that he is in it to win it 100%. Griffin anticipates his first amateur fight to be by end of this year. 
He is already sparring with kids 9-10 years older and much bigger than he is. Griffin says he frustrates them and holds his own when sparring. Brawlers Sports may have stumbled onto boxing’s next GEM of the sport. 
Good luck to trainer Montell, little Mari and dad Richard. LETSGOCHAMP!! #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW

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