Jaron "Boots" Ennis

Article by Rick Mohamed

As for Jaron “Boots” Ennis, there is nothing else to be said. There’s a new sheriff in town, named Jaron “Boots” Ennis. Ennis displayed once again why he is worthy of his just due: a shot at the welterweight championship! 
For the past 2 years, make no mistake: we saw a diminished Thomas Dulorme last night. If you know anything about boxing, then you just knew that Boots was going to simply destroy Dulorme. 
I predicted within 4 rounds, believing that Boots would be willing to get some rounds in, but he was like “D*** That, You’re Outta Here!”. Ennis had Dulorme kicking rocks, with his “boot” in you-know-where. Boots is ranked #3 by the International Boxing Federation (IBF). 
Now, guess what name he spit out that he wants to fight next? Errol Spence Jr. , that’s who. To be sure, Boots brings something to the ring that Spence hasn’t seen before vs. any of his previous foes. 
Boots’ style, as shown in this fight, saw him switch up effortlessly to southpaw and back to the conventional stance, yet still deliver a very devastating performance that left his opponent reeling. He delivered a fierce jab, solid and powerful combinations with very little effort-and it’s fun for fight fans as well! 
Boots’ boxing IQ is similar to Floyd ‘”Money” Mayweather’s. Money practically invented the “hit, don’t get hit” concept. However, Boots has big KO power, as shown by his 28-0, 26 KO record. 
Afterwards, Boots said “Hey, you can’t duck and dodge me much longer, as I am continually climbing these ranking charts with all the sanctioning bodies. You wait me out if you want, but eventually I will come down as somebody’s mandatory.”.
 “So, I want all the top welterweights in the division, so let’ get it.” I believe IMO Boots gives both Spence & Bud Crawford major problems. 
To fight either of these guys would be on the level of Ray Leonard vs Hearns or Leonard vs Hagler. These would be very historical momens for boxing as well as the welterweight division, boxing’s toughest. 
Boots helps set the bar even higher for the division. In closing, much respect for Dulorme for taking this fight & standing up to this killer from Philly. 
He actually had no chance from the opening bell, after that looping right hand sent him to the canvas. His equilibrium was all over the place as he struggled to get up with no legs under him. 
After he got up, Boots continued his attack in the southpaw stance, using straight right jabs to the head, then the body and back to the head again, finally finishing him with a rock solid straight left hand that sent Dulorme to the canvas once more. 
This triggered the stoppage by the referee. Thank you Boots for another explosive showing! 
We here at Brawlers Sports with you the very best, champ. It’s been a long time coming, as Sam Cooke once sang Your shot is on its way Champ. Congrats to Team Ennis and his great trainer & father Bozy Ennis. Philly stand Up for your man Jaron “Boots” Ennis. LETSGOCHAMP!!!





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