BREAKING NEWS: Lamar Odom KOs Aaron Carter in 2 in Ice-T & Coco's Celebrity Boxing Fight Night

Article by Rick Mohamed

Lamar Odom, former NBA star and LA Lakers world champion, KO’d singer Aaron Carter in 2 sad rounds in Ice T & wife Coco’s Celebrity Boxing Night.

Breaking News: Former NBA champion Lamar Odom KO’d Aaron Carter in the 2nd round of their scheduler 3 round celebrity boxing match. This was the Main Event of a Celebrity Boxing Fight Night hosted by hip hop artist/actor Ice-T and his wife Coco
MMA legend Chuck Liddell acted as “special guest referee” for the match. Carter almost knocked out the much bigger Odom in the first round, but instead was knocked down himself. 
Odom, a 6’10” forward who played 13 years in the NBA, weighed in 65 pounds heavier than Carter, so Odom beat a much smaller man! 
This type of event is quickly becoming more popular in boxing circles, despite the outrage from most of boxing’s most loyal fans and purists who feel that such matches belittle the sport. However, it can be argued that the recent fight between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and Youtube sensation Logan Paul generated much interest and made mega millions for the participants. 
The co-Main Event, a match between former friends Peter Gunz and Cisco Rosado (with friend Rich Dollaz as special guest referee) ended in a majority decision in Rosado’s favor. Peter Gunz is a former rapper/producer who is the current host of Cheaters, an ironic turn for him, given his philandering tendencies. 
Rosado, Gunz & Dollaz were all together on the Love & Hip Hop New York reality series on VH1. On that show, the three men were all members of The Creep Squad, a collection of playboys who shared their exploits with each other and, yes, the audience. 
To see Gunz as the host of Cheaters is funny. He’s the the guy who points out, catches and confronts cheating lovers. Wow. You can’t make this up! 
Anyway, Rosado’s match with Gunz was a bit of a grudge match. At one point during the fight, Rosado wanted to strip off his gloves and go at Gunz, who wanted to do likewise. Both of their corners had to come into the ring to separate them. Rich Dollaz had to do his utmost to keep these two from really hurting each other.
In the end, Ice T & Coco hosted an event that sold on FITE.rv for $29.99 PPV, and not many actually knew or cared about the event, except TMZ, that is..

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