Super Middleweight Sensation Up & Coming Money Powell IV

Article by Rick Mohamed

Brawlers Sports Media talks again with this incredible young man, Money Powell IV. I first had the pleasure of meeting young Money Powell a year ago this month as he faced his first defeat from veteran Vaughn Alexander. Needless to say, he displayed good boxing skills vs Vaughn.
I knew then he was a talent and force to be reckon with. Powell raked in his 11th professional win this past Saturday night in Fort Wayne, Alabama -his home town, vs Patrick Pierre. Powell stopped Pierre within 58 seconds of the first round with a volley of body shots with the left hook and back up top to the head.
This barrage of punches caused the referee to waive the fight. Pierre took about all the punishment he could from Powell and the ref had seen enough of that punishment. Powell talks about him having to make some changes to his team and management before this fight. This youngster saw that something wasn’t right and made a command decision at 22 to correct those issues. Now he will continue in pursuit of his very promising boxing career that stands at 11-1 with 7 KO’s.
Powell states he is headed out to camp in the next few days to go help Charlo prepare for his upcoming fight on PBC. This is how you stay sharp: by sparring and working with elite World Champions and developing your own skill set and knowledge in order to grow. Powell is expected to fight once, possibly two more times before the year ends.
If you’ve never seen this young brother in action he is definitely a must see very sharp crafty yet explosive fighter. Brawlers will continue to track and speak with the future world champions of boxing. Until next time champ. LETSGOCHAMP!

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