Deontay Wilder's Ex-Trainer Mark Breland Says Wilder's DONE!

UPDATE: Mark Breland calls out his former fighter Deontay Wilder, saying he's DONE. This video is a throwback interview from when things seemed fine between them...

Article by Rick Mohamed

1984 Los Angeles Olympic Gold medalist and former welterweight champ finally fires back after Wilder’s disses

Former 1984 Olympic (Los Angeles) gold medalist and welterweight champion of the world Mark Breland finally broke his silence and spoke against all the madness that transpired between him and former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. 
Breland, Wilder’s former trainer, said it’s curtains for Wilder and his career. The phat lady has sung and Wilder will never be world champ again. 
Breland said Wilder has nothing but his power, and that’s not enough to win fights. The former trainer to Wilder states that most of Wilder’s opponents, Breland himself could have beaten them despite their being true heavyweights (Breland was much lighter, being a welterweight). 
Breland also clapped back at Wilder for the disgusting accusations of Breland’s drugging him in between rounds in his Fury rematch. Wilder indicated that Breland had put something in his water bottle. 

Breland said people that know him in the boxing world know his character is made out of much more than that. He knows who he is and what the sport of boxing means to him as well. For someone to say these things about one of their own team members is ludicrous. 
Brawlers Sports Media interviewed Breland some time back. Breland stated he has shown and taught Wilder many things to make him a much better fighter in camp. Yet Breland stated that Wilder didn’t want to listen or adapt to make the necessary changes he needed to correct his deficiencies in the ring. Once a fighter is set in his own ways, it’s pretty much impossible to get them to submit. 
Add to that the fact that Wilder has 40 KOs in only 43 fights, with only 1 loss and 1 draw. That means that he wins almost every fight by simply knocking his opponent out. His rationale may be that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! 
First of all, I always felt Breland should have been the head trainer, period. 
Breland says he wishes Wilder the best but he’s done and so am I. This was very heart breaking news for any trainer to hear his fighter speak this way of him. We shall see if Breland is right: will Wilder redeem himself should he fight Charles Martin as his come back fight? Well that’s it for now boxing fans, until next time.

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