Dominic Breazeale Looks Uninterested in Loss vs Otto Wallin!!

Article by Rick Mohamed

Dominic Breazeale seemed bored and not interested in having anything to do with boxing in his loss, a 12 round unanimous decision Vs Otto Wallin in the MGM Grand Casino Bubble in Las Vegas. 
Breazeale’s body language said it all to me as he moved about the ring in a very lackadaisical way. His entire demeanor said ‘I quit, I give up, I just don’t want to do this for a living anymore’
Otto Wallin, on the other hand came in and did just what he was suppose to do: come out right away and test Breazeale chin since his vicious KO at the hands of Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder. 
I believe that loss to Wilder ended Breazeale’s boxing career that night May 18, 2019. 
Wallin is also coming off of a TKO victory over Travis Kauffman last August 2020. Wallin stood and banged with Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury for 12 rounds which he lost a unanimous decision on Sept 14 2019. 
Wallin walked Breazeale down in his southpaw stance with a good right jab and solid straight left hands. He had Breazeale off balance most of the night. 
Although, in the later rounds, Breazeale tried to show some potency and let his hands go for the most part. Alas, the fight had gotten away from him a long time ago. 
I wouldn’t be surprised if Breazeale pops up in a press conference soon saying he is retiring. On the other hand, we don’t know if he’s going through some personal family issues. 
Hopefully he hasn’t lost any loved ones in the Pandemic or anything like that. We just don’t know where his mental state of mind is at or what could be troubling him. 
Congrats to “Team Wallin”. With this solid win added to his resume, it possibly puts him in line for another title shot. Well, boxing fans let me hear what you guys have to say about this heavyweight bout. Until next time. #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW 

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