WBO Orders Terence Bud Crawford vs Shawn Porter- Or Else!

WBO Orders Terence Bud Crawford vs. Shawn Porter-Or Else! Video Courtesy Dontaes Boxing Nation/Youtube Article by Rick Mohamed Terence Bud Crawford vs Shawn Porter for Bud’s welterweight title would be an exciting fight in any time, any occasion. Now, the WBO is making it a mandatory fight: if no deal is reached within 30 days, […]

Mayweather vs. Paul Post Fight Press Conference | Brawlers Sports CEO Rick Asks Key Questions

Mayweather vs. Paul Post-Fight Press Conference-Brawlers Sports CEO Rick Asks a Key Question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvsvttXiRb8 Article by Rick Mohamed At the Mayweather vs. Paul Post Fight Press Conference, Brawlers Sports CEO Rick Mohamed Asks A Key Question That Gets An Interesting Response. Watch the video above. CEO Rick’s question is at 26:35 LETSGOCHAMPS!!  #THEBRAWLERSSPORTSBOXINGSHOW LETSGOCHAMPS! About the […]

Did Floyd Mayweather Actually Knock Out Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather fought Logan Paul to a standstill in their “special exhibition”, with no winner declared. However, at one point, it seems that Floyd actually knocked out Paul on his feet, but he held Paul up to keep him from falling…Did you see it, and did it seem that way to you? Miami, FL.: Floyd […]